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As Spring and Summer rolls around we can all look forward to another prime season for hiking. This past season we had several great hikes...we had an extensive bushwhack to two remote, trail-less peaks in the Catskills and an excellent trip into Grace Camp where we climbed Big Slide and Yard Mountains on the way in and made a valiant attempt the next day in difficult (but very exciting!) conditions at Gothics via the spectacular cable route. Please take a look at the write-up of this adventure and the pictures we were able to'll notice that there are not a lot of pictures from the Gothics attempt because the conditions were definitely not conducive to taking gloves/mitts off and snapping pictures!

We have several interesting hikes on the calendar and hope to add several more so please watch the web site and monitor your e-mails for these opportunities. I heartily encourage all of you to try one of these hikes....we never push anyone so don't be worried if you are not an Olympic class marathoner. I am planning on a hike to the Catskills for Hunter and Southwest Hunter and potentially a hike in the Adirondacks. We also will have opportunities to hike the lowlands to our chapter's adopted lean-to at Tirrell Pond and our "adopted" adopted lean to at Silver Lake. So please stay tuned for these and other exciting opportunities to get "Outdoors Binghamton".

Pat Connors
607) 625-4078

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