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Whitney Point Lake by Donna Cole

Saturday January 22, 2011 was a beautiful, sunny, winter day at Whitney Point Lake. Six of us braved the cold and were rewarded with an enjoyable time. Five of us snow shoed out and back on the Anderson Trail for a total of 3 miles. Great views! Thankfully one stayed back and tended the campfire. Thank you Butch! Upon our return we enjoyed soup, hot chocolate, roasted hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and great conversation!

“Get Out There and Stretch (GOTS)” Sunday Hikes In the local area by Gary Vanderbles

In January, four of us hiked the south trails of Oakley Corners State Forest.

More GOTS Hikes in 2011:

  • February 13, 2011 hike will be at the Binghamton University Nature Preserve.
  • March 13th we will do Jones Park in Vestal. Still have to find the fireplace chimney that is there, or what is left of it.
  • April 10th we will return to Chenango Valley State Park to see Mother Nature waking up. Always good shows if you know where to look.
  • May 15th we will explore the X-C ski trails at Kennedy State Forest. Don’t bring your skis though, the snow will be gone. If we are lucky, spring will be in full bloom.

GOTS hikes will be announced on the Chapter’s list serve or by email for those members or friends that wish to be personally notified. Email me if you want to be added to the list. For questions or to let me know you are coming: 722-3765 or Gary


“Get Out There and Stretch (GOTS)” Sunday Hikes In the local area by Gary Vanderbles

Gary and Mary Jo Vanderbles have been leading the GOTS hikes on the second Sunday afternoon of the month. These are hikes of 4 to 6 miles long in wild places within a half to three quarters hour drive from Binghamton They start around 1:00 PM. The hikes are moderately paced, about 2 MPH, and designed to keep the group together. Dress for the weather. Have Micro spikes or the like if it is icy. Bring water, snacks, and binoculars or cameras if you like. We will stop to use them.

Our first hike was at Chenango Valley State Park back in November. Seven people showed up to hike from Tween Lake Picnic shelter parking lot to the overlook of the Ty & Chenango rivers. December was a quick hike, between the raindrops and/or sleet, around the perimeter trail of Wolf Park.

Hunter Mountain – Catskills Hike/Ascent by Mark Epstein

A group of four from our Binghamton Chapter had an outing in the Catskills on December 19th. We hiked Hunter Mountain from Route 214, and enjoyed fairly clear skies and a warm, windless day en route to the fire tower. 

Yes, the outing was planned for Kaaterskill High Peak.  The group allowed a change in itinerary, as I am figuring on hiking KHP in the spring with a member who couldn't make it today and who are pursuing the 3500 club. Scant snow was found at the parking area.  Ground snow increased with elevation and the trees at the summit were quite covered.  Snow cover never warranted snow shoes, and we managed without crampons despite some brief ice on a trail we descended.

Dinner after the hike was enjoyed at Mama Maria's (for the third straight hike that I have led). 


Join my planned hike on February 27th!


Black Fly Affair

Elaine & Erik Gregory, Mary Jo & Gary Vanderbles, and June Drake & Don Powell attended the 2010 Black Fly Affair in Lake George. A good time was had by all -- dancing the night away...sampling fare from the Adirondack Winery, the Cooperstown Brewery, and, especially, the chocolate fountain.

Some of us bid on interesting items through the night. Mary Jo didn't get her pillow but did land some passes to The Lincoln Family Home at Hildene in Manchester, Vermont.

The live action was interesting to watch as our Chapter basket went up for bid. It received one of the highest bids for a basket that night. The bidding really took off when the hand-painted wine glasses were shown to the crowd. Kudos to Donna Cole for the work involved in putting the basket together. And a big thank you to Amie Lynch for painting the glasses.

Breakfast together the next morning was fun reminiscing the events of the night before and discussing each of our plans for the day.

Black Fly Affair: Pictures from the Evening
Chapter Baskets for Auction

Windham High Peak Catskills Winter Mountain Hike by Mark Epstein

Leader, Mark, with Rich, Erik, Karen, Mike, Mike, Pat, and John on top of Windham.On February 6th, 8 members of the Binghamton ADK chapter left for the Catskills. The bulk of the group waited at the end of Big Hollow Road while two drivers dropped a car at the end of Peck Road.

The entire group started hiking shortly after noon. Snow was scant at the trailhead and the group started hiking in either bare boots or microspikes. Two members later tried crampons for traction (and fun). John takes a picture, celebrating being on top of Windham!At higher elevation the snow became a bit deeper and snowshoes were donned.

The day was clear and we enjoyed nice views at every viewpoint plus "filtered winter" views through the trees for most of the hike. It was cool with a slight breeze. Enough so that one knew it was winter. The hike was completed in under 5 hours and afterwards we drove to Mama Maria's Restaurant & Pizzeria, Route 23, Stamford, NY. We are now regular customers. A nice dinner was enjoyed near a fireplace.


Tirrell Pond Lean To – Binghamton Chapter Adopt a Lean To Work Trip and Hike by Howie & Julie Thompson

Pat, Julie, Miranda, and Colden (the dog) at Tirrell Pond Lean-toOn a cool Saturday, September 26 at 8:00 in the morning, Howie and Julie Thompson and niece Myranda Batsford met Pat Connors at the trailhead to Tirrell Pond Lean-to, to perform some maintenance work. It was a beautiful day for a hike-no bugs and comfortable temperatures.

Things were quite a bit cleaner this time than they were on our spring hike in. We cleaned out the fire ring raked the grounds, swept cobwebs and added leaves in the latrine and collected firewood. We only had one bag of garbage, which Pat nicely carried out. This was a big difference from the 3 bags we carried out earlier this year. We read many entries in the logbook about the amount of things left behind. People were very vocal about letting others know they should be taking out what they bring in. The logbook was in poor condition, we will be calling our contact person at DEC to replace it as soon as possible. We spent some time exploring the beach in the sunshine, the trees were very colorful. It's a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors!

Chenango Valley State Park – Fall Chapter Outing

On October 18th, approx. 15 members enjoyed a sunny fall afternoon at Chenango Valley State Park. A hike down the towpath was noisy in the leaves….but that did not stop an eagle from flying along the river near an ADK hiker! The Geocaching was a great success, and the kids did great job demonstrating how good they are with technology and the GPS’s provided by Howie Thompson by finding all the hidden caches!

Oakley Corners – Slave Graveyard Hike by Ken Jackson/Dale DelNero

18 Binghamton ADK members and guests visiting the slave graveyard at Oakley Corners.  Oh, and 2 dogs, too!On November 1st, 18 Binghamton Chapter ADK members and guests (our largest outing group ever) enjoyed a leisurely hike to the slave graveyard in Oakley Corners. It was a crisp, clear blue sky afternoon which made the hiking a wonderful experience for all.

Storms from the last few years have caused the graveyard to deteriorate…..the Chapter may look into helping preserve the graveyard in the next couple years. There is a lot of history related to the slave graveyard.

Our thanks to Dale DelNero for co-leading the hike and sharing the newspaper articles detailing the known history of the graveyard.

SugarLoaf / Plateau Catskill Winter Mountain Hike by Mark Epstein

Our fearless leader, Mark, with John, Pat, Mike, Mike, and Ken on Plateau!On December 5th, six members of the Binghamton Chapter of ADK met at 5:45am Saturday morning and drove to Hunter, NY to hike Plateau and Sugarloaf Mountains from Route 214. Despite overcast skies, we enjoyed nice views from Plateau Mountain.

As we crossed Plateau we experienced some increasing winds and decreasing temperatures. We snacked at a lean-to in the col between the mountains and started up Sugarloaf just as the snow started to fall.Snow accumulating very fast in front of the lean-to while the group eats lunch huddled inside. We traded views on Sugarloaf with a wintery experience as the snow accumulated enough to cover the ground. Microspikes were donned on Sugarloaf to aid the descent. We lunched at the lean-to in the col before hiking out.

Dinner was had at an Italian Eatery before leaving the Catskills. I wish I could remember the name of the place, but it was a worthwhile stop, and eating with the crew was just as enjoyable as hiking with them.


Trip Leader Training Workshop: April 14, 2009 by Donna Cole

On April 4th, a windy, cold, damp day, John Lynch, Gary Vanderbles and Donna Cole traveled to Rochester to attend a Trip Leader Training Workshop sponsored by ADK's Genesee Valley Chapter. We were warmly welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable team. The interactive workshop exceeded our expectations providing opportunities to learn from and bond with members of a large well established Chapter. We extend our grateful appreciation to the Genesee Valley Chapter!

Donna J. Cole

Interested in leading a trip? For helpful tips and printed materials see John Lynch, Donna Cole or Gary Vanderbles. Want to lead a trip, but not sure you are ready? Consider co-leading a trip?

Chenango Valley SP Winter Hike: February 14, 2009 by Gary Vanderbles

Where can you find ice covered trails, a pileated woodpecker, and emerging skunk cabbage? You got it, under the sunny blue skies of Chenango Valley State Park. Six of us hikers proved the value of Trek Poles satisfying our awaiting spring wander lust. It lasted for about 3 hours.

Catskills Panther Mountain Hike: February 1, 2009 by Mark Epstein

It was a cold and beautiful winter day for these outdoor climbers! Thanks to Mark Epstein for leading this hike and sharing these great winter pictures with all of us!

Jones Park Winter Hike: January 11, 2009 by Gary Vanderbles

Seven people were present to get out and stretch their legs for a Sunday afternoon in January. It was a short hike on the 3 mile perimeter trail. The maximum elevation gain was 450 feet. We traveled at a slow pace of a mile and hour. The trail had about 5 inches of snow over icy glaze which make hiking interesting. Trekking poles proved to be handy. It was an interesting sight to see the blow down of the pine forest in the middle of the park. It was grey day, we had no wildlife sighting but saw a number of animal tracks.

Hiking/Letterboxing at SUNY Campus Nature Center: December 21, 2008 by Mark Epstein

A great time was had by all on the Holiday hike at SUNY! Thanks to hike leader Mark Epstein for leading this effort and sharing these great pictures with us! The snow was so much more fun in early Winter than in early Spring!

Fall Outing at Chenango Valley State Park: November 1, 2008

A great time was had by all at the November 1st chapter outing at Chenango Valley State Park! We were blessed with a beautiful fall day to hike and geo cache. Here’s a few pictures of that day for you to enjoy!

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